Our Gynecology Services


Surgical & Non-Surgical Pelvic Floor Treatments

Your initial evaluation generally includes a pelvic exam, a urinalysis and an ultrasonic measurement of the amount of urine retained in your bladder after voiding.

Depending upon your particular condition, you may need additional evaluation with urodynamic testing, cystoscopy or pelvic and/or transvaginal ultrasound. Our expert staff are pleased to provide all of these procedures on site for your convenience

Well-Woman Visits

Routine Annual Gynecology Care

In accordance with national health care guidelines, Dr. Viselli offers:

+ Annual pelvic exams with pap smear screening
+ Discussion of preventative health screening procedures including mammography, colonoscopy and bone density
+ Discussion of appropriate surveillance measures for the high-risk patient

Problem Gynecology

Problem GYN Care

Dr. Viselli provides diagnosis and management of the following:

+ Abnormal pap, including colposcopy and LEEP

+ Frequent or heavy menses, including Thermachoice endometrial ablation
Scant, infrequent or missed menses

Cosmetic Gynecology

Asthestic Gynecology Surgery

Dr. Viselli has a particular interest and expertise in cosmetic gynecologic procedures for both aesthetic and medical indications. She understands the intimate nature of your concerns, encourages open communication and, with a hands-on client-centered approach, strives to offer you the best cosmetic result possible. She is honored to be a part of a process that enables you to feel more confident with yourself and with your partner.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Concerns

Dr. Viselli provides compassionate care of:

+ Vaginal dryness and discomfort with intercourse
+ Decreased libido
+ Difficulty achieving and maintaining arousal
+ Difficulty with achieving orgasm